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Myofascial Release

All Muscles , Bones,Arteries, etc are held together by a connective tissue called fascia which is body wide. When Tension and trauma affects one area of the body it will also affect other parts of the body. Myofascial Release, Trigger point therapy and Clinical Massage will help work on areas of the body that hold tension or trauma and help unwind these areas releasing tension, a blissful Massage.

Trigger Points

Muscle “knots” are sensitive spots in soft tissue, and too many of them is “myofascial pain syndrome.” They are usually described as micro-cramps, but the science is half-baked and their nature is controversial. Regardless, these sore spots are as common as pimples, often alarmingly fierce, and they seem to grow like weeds around injuries. They may be a major factor in back and neck pain, as a cause and/or complication.