• What is Life Coaching ?
  • What is Somatic Life Coaching ?
  • How Do We Start
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What is Life Coaching ?

Professional coaching is a partnership where the coach uses show listening skills to unlock your true potential to maximize your own personal and professional performance and reach the end goal that you set.

A Professional Coach is not a teacher, counselor or therapist.

I also offer Somatic Life Coaching.

What is Somatic Life Coaching ?

Somatic life coaching is a partnership where bodywork therapy is used to answer deep questions to encourage you to reach your maximum potential and accomplish your life goals. The work can be offered Virtually or "in person".
The “in person” work consists of an hour each of Craniosacral Therapy followed by a life coaching session
an hour of Craniosacral Therapy "in person" then an hour of life coaching the next day done virtually.

Virtual only work starts with a guided meditation that will have you go deep within your subconscious followed by a life coaching session.

Both pathways will involve journaling about the experience to facilitate growth.

Becoming "heard" and more self-aware allows you to be an active participant in your healing journey.

How do we start ?

You are taking the first step to reach your goals and this is exciting.
For a FREE consultation use my contact form. To get to know you better and see if we are a good fit I will send you a questionnaire first, and then we will schedule a meeting to go over the answers.
If we are good fit we will schedule your appointments moving forward.
I will send out an assessment based on your goals to get a better idea of how to facilitate your growth.
I can’t wait to be a part of your journey to reaching your full potential.

Virtual Life Coaching Sessions:
  • 1 hour $70
  • 3 hour package $195
  • 6 hour package $360
Somatic Life Coaching (Craniosacral Therapy plus life coaching) Sessions:
Note: Each Session consists of 1 hour Craniosacral Therapy plus 1 hour of Life Coaching.
  • 1 session $170
  • 3 session package $495
  • 6 session package $960