What my clients say about me.

Suzy is an intuitive massage therapist. Her ability to discern my concerns and then translate them into her healing massage was a huge help for my chronic pain. I appreciated her variety of techniques and she was super flexible with my requests during the massage. I always felt heard, respected, and valued as a client. Identifying problem areas and learning what works for my body is an invaluable skill.


I was lucky to have been referred to Suzy by my Osteopath. Since my first visit I have had a marked reduction in chronic pain. Her techniques and true compassion for my health have been refreshing and a positive influence on my continued recovery. I highly recommend Suzy as an exceptionally effective and professional massage therapist

Anthony F.Fire Captain, retired

I have been receiving bodywork from Suzy for years. She usually greets me at the door and we chat about how I would like the session to go. She’s very good at customizing the session to what my body needs at that appointment- whether it’s lymphatic drainage, craniosacral or a combination of the many modalities she is skilled in. I always leave feeling better than when I first walked through her door.

MeghanMassage Therapist, Santa Cruz

I had a knee injury that made it difficult to walk uphill or get in and out of a low chair. This injury lasted several years with very slow improvement using conventional physical therapy. Several months ago I received 3 massages with emphasis on the knee from Suzy Abboud. I now have full use of my knee, and hiking on hills that was previously painful, now makes my legs feel even better.

Scott Shaffer, PTOwner at North Bay Physical Therapy